The Hawaii ECO Project offers a wide variety of services.

  1. Photovoltaic System

HEP offers a variety of options to organizations and residents alike.   Our clients are able to purchase a quality PV system at very competitive rates with their choice of standard or high efficiency panels.  However, HEP was established under the premise that many people and organizations cannot afford the very expensive upfront cost of a PV system and/or are unable to take full advantage of the Federal and State tax incentives.

  1. Power Purchase Agreement

In the commercial PPA market, the biggest niche of customers that are unable to take full advantage of the tax incentives are the various churches, schools, Association of Apartment Owners, and other 501(c) organizations that are exempt from paying income taxes.  This has been the primary focus of HEP although we do have for profit customers as well.

The PPA product being offered by Hawaii ECO is based on power production from the PV system.  A customer agrees to allow HEP develop a system that is designed to offset their entire utility bill or the portion that can be offset based on the roof size and then purchase the electricity generated.  The pricing of the power is typically below the utility’s published rate and can be determined by a number of factors.  The annual escalator for our PPA’s is fixed and well below the utility’s historic rate increases.

  1. Solar Lease

In the residential market, there are similar limitations to the number of homeowners who can qualify to purchase a system.  The initial outlay of cash even with the financing options and potential tax credits available today can be cumbersome to the majority of homeowners.  HEP’s residential lease costs the homeowners $0 upfront and doesn’t require a credit check thus opening it up to almost every homeowner.  The only limitation under this program is that the roof has to be structurally sound to support the PV system.  Currently, the solar lease is being tested out on a few selected neighborhoods on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.  Look for it coming to your neighborhood in the near future.

  1. LED Lighting

Often times in larger buildings with heavy electricity usage, PV isn’t sufficient enough to offset the entire load.  This is why HEP has adopted LED’s to our product offering.  Lighting often accounts for 30% or more of a standard electric bill and with LEDs we can reduce the lighting charges by almost 70%.  The LEDs HEP offers are rated to last 80,000 hours which is 10-12 years for bulbs that are on 24 hours.

Like PV, sometimes the pricing of LEDs can be inhibitive to organizations.  With this in mind, HEP is offering a PPA like program for LED lighting.  With no cost upfront to your organization, we will finance and install LED lighting throughout your building.  Your organization will save 25% off of your lighting operating cost immediately.

  1. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Hawaii ECO Project is offering EV charging stations and the necessary infrastructure modifications to allow for charging stations.  With the passage of HRS 291-71 in 2011 all government, public and private parking lots with more than 100 stalls must dedicate 1% of their parking to EV’s and provide a EV charging station.  This may be difficult for many buildings to accomplish due to a maxed out electrical service.  Hawaii ECO Project will help navigate you through these issues and get your building and organization in compliance.

  1. ECO education program

Hawaii ECO Project has partnered with Panasonic on their ECO Learning Program.  This program educates 4th – 6th graders on the basics of energy and how Panasonic is working towards a sustainable future.  The class has been well accepted at schools throughout the State and we are always looking for other classes.  Please contact us at if you think your child’s class would like to hear about how sustainability can impact their lives.