We work closely with churches, schools, and AOAOs.


  1. Churches

Churches are one of the largest groups of non-profits that have been unable to take advantage of the growth in PV…until now.  Our PPA program is able to offer a church immediate savings on their electricity bill as well as provide stability to their budget.  A church will know how much they’ll be charged per kilowatt hour this year, in 10 years and even 20 years.  In many cases, the rate the church pays in year 20 is below what they are currently paying today.

  1. Schools

Schools are also able to take advantage of HEP’s PPA program to stabilize utility costs.  Under tough economic conditions, schools are pressed to cut their budgets wherever they can.  With a PV system from HEP, we hope to keep those cuts contained to their utility bills and not affect the programs offered to the children of Hawaii.  Also, when schools adapt our LED lighting products into their classrooms, we can help them save even more.  With bulbs that last significantly longer than standard fluorescents, LEDs can also reduce a school’s maintenance costs in addition to the electricity savings.

  1. Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO)

AOAOs  are constantly struggling with managing their budgets especially in a difficult economy as many homeowners are defaulting on their maintenance fees.  With the rise in insurance, water and electricity costs, the board of directors for AOAOs have had to make very difficult decisions recently to increase the maintenance fees or face deferred maintenance to their buildings.  By incorporating a combined LED and/or PV system the board can present good news to their homeowners and reduce the maintenance fees.  Finally, more and more residents are choosing to trade out their gas guzzling cars for one of the many Electric Vehicle options.  Installing one or two EV charging stations can provide their residents a convenient location to charge their cars throughout the day.